How it works

Get started using UXRecord

Getting started

  1. Start free trial here, if you haven’t already.
  2. Create your new organization.
  3. Create a new token.
  4. Install the framework. You can follow the steps from here.
  5. Add the unique token.
  6. Shake the device for the settings screen to appear on your mobile device.


  1. Make sure step number 1 is done.
  2. Invite collaborators into your online dashboard.
  3. Create a new project [optional].
  4. Now you’ll be able to upload anything from the in-app framework.
  5. Here you’ll find and manage all your video recordings, screenshots and heatmaps.
  6. Change any settings you might need.

Video Records

  1. Playback any uploaded video from your mobile app.
  2. Add comments and tag other people.
  3. Share the video with any external stakeholder.
  4. View the video index.
  5. Analyze video information.


  1. Add pins on specific screenshots.
  2. Comment on them and tag a person.
  3. Solve together any design issues.


  1. View heatmaps for any of your screens.
  2. View controller statistics.
  3. Edit your controllers.
  4. Save new controllers

App Store or Google Play

  1. Push your build with our framework installed from here


  1. Send pop-ups towards your end-users by editing the settings from beneath your app token! Check “End-user Research Settings”.
    • The end user can optionally send his e-mail address with the pop-up.
    • The e-mail address will appear within the screenshot, in the dashboard, on top of the screenshot’s name.
  2. Suggestion: We recommend notifying the user that he can make screenshots within the app that contains the End-user Research framework and submit them as feedback towards your team.
  3. The pop-up can be dismissed by the user or mark the “Don’t show this information again” functionality.
  4. The pop-up will appear after “x” amount of usages that we set as default = 3. You can change the message and the default number from settings. This is recursive!
  5. The user makes screenshots within the app and sends it as feedback towards your team.
  6. Screenshots can be seen here.


  1. All the heatmap points of the users from all the mobile screens will be aggregated automatically, mapped and shown within the heatmap page.
  2. MAX heatmap points per screen = 1.000. This value will be changed later on and increased.