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  • Getting started
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Get started using UXRecord

Getting started

  1. Sign up here, if you haven’t already.
  2. Create your new organization.
  3. Create a new token.
  4. Install the framework. You can follow the steps from here.
  5. Add the unique token.
  6. Shake the device for the settings screen to appear on your mobile device.


  1. Make sure step number 1 is done.
  2. Invite collaborators into your online dashboard.
  3. Create a new project [optional].
  4. Now you’ll be able to upload anything from the in-app framework.
  5. Here you’ll find and manage all your video recordings, screenshots and heatmaps.
  6. Change any settings you might need.

Video Records

  1. Playback any uploaded video from your mobile app.
  2. Add comments and tag other people.
  3. Share the video with any external stakeholder.
  4. View the video index.
  5. Analyze video information.


  1. Add pins on specific screenshots.
  2. Comment on them and tag a person.
  3. Solve together any design issues.


  1. View heatmaps for any of your screens.
  2. View controller statistics.
  3. Edit your controllers.
  4. Save new controllers